Poonam Parashar flouts all norms to appoint her husband as a member of the library

Amid heated controversy over BJP’s disastrous mis-governance in MCD, AAP on Thursday alleged that MCD’s Hardayal library secretary Poonam Parashar has violated all rules to appoint her husband as a member of the library.

Poonam Parashar defied all norms to appoint her husband as a member of the library (Photo Credits: Social Media)

New Delhi:

Amid heated controversies about the BJP’s disastrous misrule in the MCD, the Aam Aadmi Party on Thursday alleged that MCD’s Hardayal library secretary Poonam Parashar had done a lucrative job of appointing her husband as a member of the library and costing around Rs 40,000. All norms have been violated for giving. Month to your son. Despite the apparent corruption of power, the MCD has failed to pay salaries to the library staff for 18 months citing paucity of funds. AAP MLA and MCD in-charge Mr. Durgesh Pathak said, “BJP leaders are failing Delhiites everyday; He himself had said that when the Center will provide all the funds, then MCD will not face any shortage of funds. Poonam Parashar has overseen 10 new appointments, citing massive funding crunch. Poonam Parashar is a former councilor of BJP and her husband Anil Jha is a former MLA from Kirari. The BJP has made it clear that a big conspiracy is at hand by regularizing the new employees within three months. You will hand over all the evidence to the LG and apprise him of this shameful development. AAP demands the Lieutenant Governor to conduct a thorough inquiry into the matter and take prompt action against the Secretary and the Center for payment of pending salaries of all MCD employees.

Senior AAP leader and MLA Mr. Durgesh Pathak said, “The Hardayal Library, a prestigious library in the BJP-ruled MCD Delhi, runs. Salary has not been paid to the staff working in the library for the last 18 months. MCD is giving excuse of not having funds. When the erstwhile three municipal corporations were amalgamated, the BJP was claiming that the central government would provide funds to the MCD and the problem of paucity of funds would be resolved. I want to ask the central government the reason for not giving funds to MCD. More importantly, why haven’t the salaries of the employees been paid yet?”

He asserted, “AAP has consistently exposed BJP’s corruption as the root cause of lack of funds. Today I have come here to throw light on the misgovernance of Hardayal Library. BJP has shamelessly crossed all limits. The library is run by a committee headed by a chairman who is the mayor. Its secretary should be one of the councillors. It is the secretary who manages the day-to-day affairs of the library. Presently, the secretary of the library is Poonam Parashar who was a councilor before the dissolution of the three municipal corporations and their amalgamation into a single body. Her husband Anil Jha is a former BJP MLA from Kirari and has held several positions in the BJP.

He further added, “It is interesting to note that the moment Poonam Parashar became the secretary, she nominated Anil Jha as a life member of the committee. He did not stop here, but he hired his child in the library at a monthly salary of Rs 38,000. What is even more strange is that on the one hand they do not have to pay the salaries and pensions of the employees and on the other hand, they have given the opportunity to hire 10 people. The recruitment process for those ten vacancies is quite interesting. They advertised on 19th and 23rd as the last date to apply for the vacancies. Only 10 people who applied for the job were appointed without any competition. These 10 people were initially given temporary jobs but it was made permanent in just three months.

He further said, “The Hardayal library has become impoverished and yet 10 people have got jobs. And who knows, if investigated, they could be his people. Something is wrong and the way BJP is running MCD is happening. I also ask the people of BJP whether they think so? The new LG termed the people of Delhi as ‘thieves’ and ‘dishonest’. I am going to write a letter to LG with all details and evidence regarding this matter. The AAP demands an inquiry by the LG into how the secretary of the management committee appointed her husband as a life member and together they got a job for their child. They should also investigate the process of recruiting 10 people and how they were made permanent within three months of joining.

He said, “It is pertinent to investigate as it is the employees of Hardayal Library who have to face the consequences of massive mismanagement in the management committee. They work tirelessly to procure books and ensure smooth management of the book. So that Delhiites can study well for their bright future. It is high time that their salaries are paid.”

He concluded, “You are making two demands. Firstly, the central government should immediately allocate funds to the MCD and all pending salaries of the employees should be paid at the earliest. Secondly, the LG should investigate the case of mismanagement by Poonam Parashar who is not abiding by the rule of law. He also dealt a great blow to the moral and moral fabric of the society. All appointments should be scrutinised.”

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First published: July 14, 2022, 08:08:38 pm

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