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Download WhatsApp for Samsung Galaxy Ace Champ Star

whatsapp for samsung

WhatsApp for Samsung is the first application that will try to find and install on your device from the moment it is turned on. Without doubt this is the number ONE  messaging application in the world, with hundreds of millions of users, and the best way to be permanently connected with our friends and family.

So yeah you’ve got here, whatever your Samsung device, wants whatsapp, we will explain all the methods to download and install WhatsApp for Samsung , you have an Android device, Windows Phone or Symbian.

If your device ice Symbian, i.e. a Samsung i8910, Samsung GT-i8510, Samsung GT-I7110, Samsung SGH-L870, Samsung SGH-G810 Samsung SGH-or-you recommend iNNN Moel the tutorial WhatsApp Nokia, the Nokia though anchovy will be worth the also you your TelĆ. If on the other hand, you have a Samsung Ativ S, then must Proceed to steps in explain WhatsApp for Windows Phone, feeding will be able to simply install WhatsApp for Samsung.

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Finally, as we assume, in most cases, if your device is Samsung Galaxy Samsung or any other Android, then you should follow this tutorial where we explain step by step how to get WhatsApp for Samsung.

whatsapp samsung

How to Download and Install WhatsApp for Samsung:

Go to Google Play:

  1. To download the WhatsApp on your Samsung mobile first click on the Play icon from the home screen, or from the menu of your Samsung Galaxy.
  2. After opening the Google play store, select the the Search icon (magnifying glass top right).
  3.  Type WhatsApp in the search box and click on search.
  4.  It will show you the WhatsApp after the search and open it.
  5.  Click on Install and follow the steps you indicate for the download and installation.
  6.  Within no time, WhatsApp will be installed in your Samsung mobile.

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From Official Page (download and install APK):

Full Procedure To Download Whatsapp for Samsung

  • First of all, from your Samsung Galaxy go to “Settings > Applications” and make sure that box which you have checked in is in “Unknown Sources”.
  • From your PC or Samsung Galaxy  go to that page where you will find the WhatsApp APK.
  • Download the APK, for this click on “Download Now” option which you will find there.
  • (RECOMMENDED) If you have downloaded the APK from your Samsung Galaxy there are several options:
  • Browser with files in your Samsung Galaxy:


  • You need to file browser, you can download Solid Explorer, possibly the best, here.
  • Search the APK from the downloaded file browser and run it
  • Follow the steps for installation will indicate.
  • (RECOMMENDED) Go to the download option on your Samsung Galaxy (you can view them right on the notification)
  • Click on the APK downloaded WhatsApp and you follow the step by step procedure which is indicated for installation.
  • If you have downloaded the WhatsApp APK from your PC there are several options:
  • You can send the APK to yourself, with the help of Gmail where you can attach it in the mail.
  • Open Gmail on your Samsung Galaxy and open the message that you’ve sent through the mail.
  • You click on download option which is present in the file that you have sent it to yourself and install the APK following steps indicate in the
  • Another option is to connect your Samsung Galaxy to your PC and transferring the APK, you will need to have a browser, where you can download Solid Explorer (above you and leave the link)
  • With the file browser to see WhatsApp APK.
  • You click on the APK and install it following the steps indicate.


Header 1 Header 2
Samsung Galaxy Frame WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Frame
Samsung Galaxy Young WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Young
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung Galaxy Note 2  WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini
Samsung Galaxy S4  WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S3  WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy Ace 2  WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Ace 2
Samsung Galaxy S III I9300  WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy S III I9300
Samsung Galaxy S Advance  WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy S Advance
Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500
Samsung Galaxy Nexus  WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Samsung Galaxy Note WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Y S5360
Samsung Galaxy Xcover WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Xcover
Samsung Galaxy S II 4G WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy S II 4G
Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001 WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001
Samsung Google Nexus S i9020A WhatsApp Download Samsung Google Nexus S i9020A
Samsung Google Nexus S i9023 WhatsApp Download Samsung Google Nexus S i9023
Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830
Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670
Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660 WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660
Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570
Samsung Galaxy Pro WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Pro
Samsung Galaxy S II I9100 WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy S II I9100
Samsung Galaxy SL I9003  WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy SL I9003
Samsung i997 Infuse 4G WhatsApp Download Samsung i997 Infuse 4G
Samsung Galaxy Apollo I5801 WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Apollo I5801
Samsung Galaxy S Hoppin M190  WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy S Hoppin M190
Samsung Google Nexus S WhatsApp Download Samsung Google Nexus S
Samsung Galaxy 551 WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy 551
Samsung Galaxy S Giorgio Armani I9010 WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy S Giorgio Armani I9010
Samsung i897 Captivate  WhatsApp Download Samsung i897 Captivate
Samsung Epic 4G WhatsApp Download Samsung Epic 4G
Samsung I909 Galaxy S  WhatsApp Download Samsung I909 Galaxy S
Samsung Acclaim   WhatsApp Download Samsung Acclaim
Samsung i5500 Corby Smartphone  WhatsApp Download Samsung i5500 Corby Smartphone
Samsung M110S Galaxy S   WhatsApp Download Samsung M110S Galaxy S
Samsung Vibrant  WhatsApp Download Samsung Vibrant
Samsung Galaxy  WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy
Samsung Galaxy 2   WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy 2
Samsung Galaxy S I9000  WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy S I9000
Samsung I6500U Galaxy  WhatsApp Download Samsung I6500U Galaxy
Samsung I8520 Beam WhatsApp Download Samsung I8520 Beam
Samsung Galaxy Spica I5700  WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Spica I5700
Samsung T939 Behold 2 WhatsApp Download Samsung T939 Behold 2
Samsung Wave Y S5380  WhatsApp Download Samsung Wave Y S5380
Samsung S8600 Wave 3   WhatsApp Download Samsung S8600 Wave 3
Samsung S8530 Wave II   WhatsApp Download Samsung S8530 Wave II
Samsung S5750 Wave575 WhatsApp Download Samsung S5750 Wave575
Samsung S7230E Wave 723 WhatsApp Download Samsung S7230E Wave 723
Samsung Ativ S i8750 WhatsApp Download Samsung Ativ S i8750
Samsung Focus WhatsApp Download Samsung Focus
Samsung I8700 Omnia 7   WhatsApp Download Samsung I8700 Omnia 7
Samsung B6520 Omnia PRO 5   WhatsApp Download Samsung B6520 Omnia PRO 5
Samsung B7350 Omnia PRO 4     WhatsApp Download Samsung B7350 Omnia PRO 4
Samsung B7330 Omnia PRO  WhatsApp Download Samsung B7330 Omnia PRO

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    WhatsApp for Android has the provision to save the conversations on the
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