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Download and Install WeChat for Samsung mobile Phones

wechat for samsung

wechat for samsung : WeChat is a great application that allows us to communicate with others through instant messaging services and calls. One of the biggest advantages of this application is that it is free, so we should not spend a single penny to communicate. We should note that in order for this application to work need to be online. Having a 3g, 4g or be connected to a WI-fi network, it is mandatory to use WeChat connection.

The WeChat application supports several cellular models, in this case we will tell you a little about WeChat for Samsung. This mobile phone brand has now introduced a series of smart phones with different versions of Android, allowing us to access Google Play and from there download and install WeChat, among other applications. To enjoy these functions must download WeChat Samsung you must have a superior version of Android 2.1. Of course, when more advanced the operating system is better because the application work faster and can hold more than one conversation at a time. Do not miss the chance to download for Samsung WeChat and start chatting with your friends absolutely free!

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WeChat for Samsung

In this case we recommend you to download WeChat for Samsung, the best communication application that exists worldwide.

With free WeChat we can get in touch with everybody, with the phone you have, because this app is available for all phones in use today, more: Blackberry, Android, iPhone, Nokia, or even PC. In fact, it has a whopping over 300 million users, an amount higher than those using other applications such as WhatsApp or Line.

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wechat for samsung

Besides having all the features of any application communication (messages, calls, etc.), it has other features that make this app unique. One of the features that has surprised us is the ” messages in a bottle “where you can send a message to drift and a person you do not know you collect that message. An original and fun idea of meeting new people.

Some of the Samsung phones that can install this tool are: Samsung Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy S (1, 2, 3 and 4), Samsung Galaxy Note N7000, N7100 Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy Mini 1 and 2 Samsung Galaxy 3 i5800 and Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830.

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You can find the version for Samsung phones with Android from Google Play. The version for Samsung phones has had more than 50 million installations and is logical, since this program has millions of users worldwide. Occupies only 19 Megs and you must have Android version 2.1 or higher to run. If you have a version of Android prior to 2.1, we recommend you upgrade because not only you can use this app, but most applications available for Android smartphones.

If you have a Smartphone of this brand, our recommendation is to install this great app to send messages and call totally free.

Download Wechat for Samsung : Download Link

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